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Compounded Dosage Forms

Transdermal Gel

A local gel that can be applied to and absorbed directly through the skin.


Flavored Suspensions mask unpleasant or bitter aftertastes. Convenient for individuals, infants or pets with difficulties swallowing capsules or tablets.


Capsules are ideal for altering dosage levels and omitting potential allergens. We prepare capsules for patients with individual needs – and even prepare medications for pets. 


Suppositories distribute medications and hormones to your body without having them go through your digestive system.


Troches are ideal for administering medications such as hormones that require increased absorption.

Our services include compounding for people and pets for a variety of needs. It is our mission to provide the highest quality custom prescriptions, unique services and education to meet each patient’s healthcare needs and improve quality of life. 

We compound medications that accommodate patients for their individual needs – and even prepare medications for pets. So whether you have a persnickety toddler who refuses traditional dosage forms, or a pup who can find that capsule no matter how much cheese you pack around it, we have creative solutions. 

Dosage Forms

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