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Flavored Suspensions mask unpleasant or bitter aftertastes. Convenient for individuals, infants or pets with difficulties swallowing capsules or tablets.

Transdermal Gel

A local gel that can be applied to and absorbed directly through the skin.


Capsules are ideal for altering dosage levels and omitting potential allergens. We prepare capsules for patients with individual needs – and even prepare medications for pets. 


Suppositories distribute medications and hormones to your body without having them go through your digestive system.


Troches are ideal for administering medications such as hormones that require increased absorption.

Benefits: Alter Dosage | Avoid Allergens​
Capsules are convenient for altering dosage levels and omitting potential allergens. Sometimes, commercially prepared medications are not made in the desired dose, or contain materials that patients may be allergic to. Customized capsules are especially beneficial for patients who are allergic to additives such as lactose, starch, dies and other fillers. Compounded capsules can be created to omit undesirable fillers so that the medication is best tolerated by the individual patient and his/her unique health needs.
Best Dose We prepare capsules containing the best dose of medication for patients. Commercially prepared medications are not always available in the most appropriate strength. A dose that is too high is wasteful and could cause adverse effects, while low doses are often ineffective.

Dosage Forms