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Getting Started with PGx Testing is Easy!


Drug safety and effectiveness is a concern for patients, pharmacists and physicians.

Now there is an easy way to determine which medicines would be safer and more effective, based on your genetic profile with Rxight Pharmacogenic Testing available at Reed’s Compounding Pharmacy.



The Benefits of Precision Medicine

“Ask your doctor if it’s right for you.”

We hear that statement in a lot of drug commercials. Precision medicine helps your provider make smart, informed decisions regarding prescribing the right prescription medications to you.

Rxight’s pharmacogenetic test can do just that. Your pharmacist will swab the inside of your cheeks for DNA and send it to our lab. At the lab, your DNA is analyzed using state-of-the-art equipment for the presence of key markers tied to your ability to metabolize various medications. This process achieves 99.8% accuracy. The results are presented by your pharmacist in your personalized Rxight report, indicating which medications may be right for you and which you should avoid, all based on your DNA drug sensitivity profile.

Do not discontinue or make any changes to your medication without first consulting your provider. Pharmacogenetic testing does not replace your provider’s role in determining your medication therapy.

Purchase: Purchase your test from Reed’s Compounding Pharmacy ($399).

Swab: Your pharmacist will help you simply swab the inside of your cheek and complete your submission form.

Receive Email: You will get an email notification once your test results are available.

​Schedule Appointment for Results: ​Call Reed’s Compounding Pharmacy (520-318-4421) to schedule your Personalized Medication Review and receive your results.


Rxight Pharmacogenic Testing

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